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Tata Chemicals Europe achieved a 46% increase in learner engagement with Enovation and Totara

Tata Chemicals Europe engaged Enovation in early 2015 to implement an LMS as their learning management platform of choice to be aligned with Tata Chemicals’ brand and corporate values.  Tata Chemicals Europe achieved a 46% increase in learner engagement with Enovation and Totara Learn.



Tata Chemicals Europe

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Bespoke Development




  • Onboarding training for TCE Chemicals Europe was a heavily manual process.
  • Training programs were delivered as group-attended face-to-face sessions.
  • Excessive coordination efforts were needed to ensure 24×7 production operations were not affected.
  • Strict management of course attendance and completion.
  • Compliance was becoming an increasing administrative burden.


  • Enabled TCE to manage the delivery of important regulatory compliance training.
  • Provide access to courses selected to help employees with their own skills development.
  • Totara Learn allowed TCE to apply its performance management workflows into the ‘My Development Hub’.
  • Streamlined a previously cumbersome process to intuitive workflows and designs.
  • Hosted and fully managed by Enovation, the platform and portal provide Tata Chemicals with the security and reliability required.



The business underwent a major restructure, reducing headcount by 1/3 and closing the original soda ash plant and commissioning a new standalone bicarb plant.


HR and all of the support services were faced with a fixed cost challenge and budgets were cut all around.

More for Less

HR and L&D were required to do much more for less.


Match made

Tata Chemicals Europe has quickly progressed to a contemporary implementation of a learning and development portal that has responded well to the needs of the business.

L&D Strategy

Training has been made accessible to all employees and is now rolled out as part of a well-thought-through L&D strategy.

Tata Chemicals Europe has almost tripled the number of training hours delivered per employee per year, whilst reducing the total training budget by two thirds. Also, the L&D scores within the Annual Engagement Survey have increased year on year from 31% to 77% in that time period.

A Culture of Learning

Culture change within the business from a traditional centrally driven training plan to a greater interest in personal development and engagement with the learning process.

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