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Engaging their workforce with Moodle Workplace

Momentum Support use Moodle Workplace to engage their geographically displaced workforce in learning and mandatory training.

Momentum Support (MS) is one of the largest privately-owned contract Cleaning and Security companies. Established in 1982, their head office is based in Dublin, with regional offices in Belfast, Galway, Cork and London. Currently, MS has approx. 3,000 employees working across the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland and London.



Momentum Support

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  • Issues delivering online training to their team.
  • Challenges providing just in time learning and training to employees with varied working hours.
  • COVID-19 made the requirements for a learning management system urgent.
  • Momentum Support's training requirements was outgrowing its previous system.


  • Moodle Workplace has allowed training to become more accessible to all employees.
  • Reduced administration cost.
  • High speed , accurate reporting.
  • Training via Moodle Workplace meant that cost savings were significant.
  • Through our partnership Momentum Support gained a package of interactive online courses


The aim of introducing a learning management system in Momentum Support(MS) was to enable the L&D team to successfully deliver training across a large geographically spread workforce throughout Ireland.

Out of office training

Many employees across the group work nights, which meant that time to schedule face to face training was impossible 

Location, location, location

Employees are located all over the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland and London based at different client sites which again made it difficult to organise mandatory training. 

Restricted hours

Several employees worked part-time due to other commitments outside of work therefore training hours were restricted.

What Our Clients Say



Moodle Workplace has allowed training to become more accessible to all employees.

Refresher training

The system can issue reminder emails when refresher training needs to be completed.

Accurate Reporting

Reports can be pulled from the system very quickly and managers can have access to their own sites/employees.

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